Best Skincare products from Lumene

In this post I talk you through all my favourite Lumene skincare products !

Hello !! Today i want to share with you all my best finds from one of my favourite skincare brands .. Lumene !

Lumene is a nordic brand from Finland. They are a sustainable beauty brand that take inspiration from finnish nature and nordic women. 100% vegan and cruelty free, and their ingredients are up to 100% naturally derived. In between their ingredients we can find: arctic spring water, organic birch sap, wild cloudberry, chaga mushroom (love this one), bilberry, lingonberry, pine bark extract, nordic algae and others. Their products are affordable, in the range of 20-40 euros, and in every item there is a good amount of product (50ml creams for example).

I actually came across this brand whilst watching a Youtube video from IntheFrow. I decided then to try a couple of products .. and the rest is history !!

First, we have a product that is a real holy grail, the Nordic Hydra Aqua Lumenessence Beauty Lotion. This thing is .. AMAZING. It is between a toner and a serum and it just plumps the skin beautifully.

Then we have the Nordic-C Pure Glow Cleansing Balm, this stuff is amazing to take off your make at the end of the day. I think it has the right balanca between balm and oil.

Then, we have the Glow Boost Essence (which feels like a serum to me) and the Nordic Hydra Quenching Aqua Serum, which are a “can’t live without”, using the first one (with other vitamin C Lumene products) I experienced a real glow on my skin, and the second one is my choice when i feel my skin is dehydtrated and tired.

Second to last we have: creams. Now, I have been using Lumene creams for a while now, and i really love these four. The Nutri-Recharging Intense Moisturizer is a very intense cream, perfect for the colder months or environments and smells wonderfull. My travel go to cream is the Moisture Remedy Day & Night Cream, because you can use it at any time of the day and it will be perfect anyway, and it just has the right level of heavyness-lightness. Then we have the Overnight Bright Sleeping Cream and the Nordic-C Day Cream, which really give the glow I was talking about earlier, either making you feel fresh and awake, or working while you sleep.

Last, but not least, we have the Nutri-REcharging Skin Saviour Balm. Again, this is a very travel friendly product, basically it is a balm that you can use for everything. You can use it on very dehydrated skin, I have used it on lips, on elbows, like a hand cream .. you name it !

Here is a complete list of all the products i have tried from them (almost all of them i loved as well, but are not between my favourites from the Lumene range):

  • arctic dew quenching aqua serum
  • hydration recovery aerating gel mask
  • moisture plump lip balm
  • pure arctic miracle bi-phase micellar water
  • intense hydration 24H moisturizer
  • aqua lumenessence beauty lotion
  • purity dew drops hydrating eye gel
  • glow boost essence
  • glow lumenessence brightening beauty lotion
  • glow reveal peeling mask
  • pure glow cleansing balm
  • nordic-c day cream
  • overnight bright sleeping cream
  • bright eyes all-in-one eye treatment
  • nutri-recharging intense moisturizer
  • nutri-recharging skin saviour balm
  • nutri-recharging purifying peat mask
  • nutri-recharging nurturing body lotion
  • nutri-recharging purifying peat-to-foam cleansers
  • nutri-recharging salt body scrub
  • moisture remedy day & night cream
  • deep clean purifying cleansing oil
  • midnight beauty firming night cream
  • beauty illuminating ultra firming elixir

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