This Solved My Skin

The secret to a better skin that worked for me

Hi fellow readers,

Today i tought i would share with you the only advice that changed my skin. Growing up i pretty much always had a little bit of acne, my skin was never completely free from imperfections. It wasn’t extremely bad, but there was always one area of my face that I felt down looking at. It was very frustrating. I’ve tried many kit/products/hacks that were supposed to clear and purify my skin, nothing ever worked .. until I found Nerida Joy on Youtube.

Nerida Joy is a skincare expert with 41 years if experience. She is based in L.A. and she has red carpet stars clients like Jennifer Garner, Angie Harmon, Madeleine Stowe and Jessica Simpson. also, her voice is so relaxing !!

Currently in my skincare basket

I came across her Youtube channel totally randomly, and I ended up watching a video where she was talking about how you should cleanse your skin. She was explaining how foaming cleansers dry the outer layer of the skin and don’t allow the oil to get out. Expecially if you have an oily skin, she was saying, with a surface dry outer layer (which I think I am) it’s very important to keep the skin soft and supple, so that oil can get out, and it doesn’t embedd and stretch the pores.

Altought she was saying that oil cleanser can sometimes burn the skin a little bit, and they can make the skin texture a little rough and bumpy, this is something I don’t think I have ever experienced. I am anyway curious to try using only an oil cleanser for a period of time and then only a balm cleanser for some other time, and see if I notice any difference.

She was saying it’s very important to double cleanse, expecially at night time, and even more if you wear make up.

My favourites “first cleanse” are a cleansing oil from the brand DHC and the Lumene Nordic-C Cleansing Balm which I have mentioned here. At the moment I’m also using a mini size of the Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm and a mini size of the Lumene Deep Clean Purifying Cleansing Oil, but I prefer their balm.

For the second cleanse I’ve been using for about one year the Gentle Skin Cleanser from Cetaphil (which is actually a reccomendation I took from Dr. Sam Bunting), which I really like, but recently I have discovered the Hydrating Cleanser from CeraVe, which I equally like.

They are both very creamy and milky, and absolutely non foaming. If you are worried that they wont give you the “clean skin feel”, trust me, they do.

With this cleansing combo of oil/balmvfollowed by a milky clanser, my skin never feel dry and stripped after washing it, which is something that always used to happen to me ! The imperfections have left the building and I can enjoy a much cleaner skin. I’m not saying that I don’t get occasional spots or that my skin is perfect, but has definitely improved and it does feel much more balanced and calm, and it doesn’t feel oily but still dry, in response to too harsh cleansers.

For more on cleansing and skincare head over to Nerida Joy’s Youtube Channel

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