How You Can Be Sustainable in Everyday Life

My advices on sustainability

Hi guys, sustainability is getting a lot of attention, since we realized the human footprint on the planet – so today I want to share with you some ways to be sustainable that are rather easy and do not require you to throw everything away and go to live in a cave (lol).

BUY ONLY WHAT YOU USE. This might sound like a silly and obvious advice, but I have noticed how sometimes we automatically buy things (at the supermarket, when fashion or beauty shopping) without stopping for a second and asking ourselves: “Wait, do I have something similar at home ? I like it, but am I going to use it ? Will I eat these, or am I buying too much food ? Why am I buying this ?” It can also save some money.

RECYCLING. Altought we are not currently able to recycle every bit of trash we produce, it’s important to try to give a second (or third) life to various materials, preserving energy and resources, rather than throwing them away. These days, I see more packaging made from recycled plastic or recycled paper, so divide your trash !

BEAUTY AND HOME. Shampoo, deodorant, shower soaps, can all affect the environment. For this, I have two advices. First, try to go for more natural and/or package free products. For example, I have totally gone package free for my shower products buying Lush. I use their soaps or solid shower gels, solid shampoo and solid body creme. They also sell metal thins to store products in, if you don’t know how to arrange them in your shower/bath. Sidenote: if you buy packaged products from them, you can bring back the pots to the store, and they will recycle them. Second tip, is to stop using disposable cotton pads and buy some reusable one. You can wash them in the washing machine. I’ve recently bought some, and I’ve been testing mine for a short period of time, so I can’t tell you if they are the best on the market but you can find many options, for example, on Amazon. The pollution is also caused by home supplies, like laundry and dishwasher detergents: in this case you can try to find more environmentally safe options at the supermarket (and even get refills!). Everything that goes down the pipes goes into the environment !

FOOD AND DIET. First thing that come to my mind is re-usable shopping bags. Wheter you prefer cotton totes or big hard plastics bags, as long as you re-use them every time, you are not wasting. To avoid disposable bags in the kitchen you can also purchase reusable freezer bags and containers to store your food. Last, but not least, the diet: we know by now that reducing meat and fish intake and increasing the amount of veggies help the planet. Last thing, I actually buy fruits and veggies from a local farm, and you can choose if you prefer to have them in a paper bag or bag free. That is not maybe possible everywhere, but even in big cities you can look for non packaged food stores where you can bring your own container.

DRINK DIFFERENTLY. Rather than drinking from single-use plastic bottles, try a reusable bottle ! There are so many now in the market, and you can find the size, shape, design, that best suits your lifestyle (even coffee mugs!). Ding ding ding, jackpot ! The bottle in the picture is not only reusable, it’s sold by 4Ocean, an organization that has the purpose of ending the ocean plastic crisis. Every bottle purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

SUSTAINABLE FASHION. I have come to term with the fact that I prefer to buy less clothing pieces, but better quality, rather than a lot of stuff, that look less curated and get ruined/overworn easier. That doesn’t mean I don’t shop from Zara anymore, but that I instead really select the pieces that I buy, and splurge a little bit more on key pieces, for whom I can justify spending a bit more money. Also, you can choose more natural fabrics and materials, like wool, linen, and cotton, that can be then more easily recycled. There are also many fashion brands that are focused on sustainability in terms of fabrics used, how they source them, where they manufacture the items, amount of water used etc .. And last, you can buy vintage !

KINDLE. I am on the I-like-the-paper-page-turning-feeling team so I actually prefer a real book, but I am considering getting a kindle. There are some books that you don’t necessarily want to own in a physical copy, so why don’t use a kindle and waste less paper ?? It’s also very lightweight and so more travel friendly.

So, this is what came to my mind about sustainbility ! Do you have any other advice ?? I’d love to hear your toughts.

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