Revising my Wardrobe


How many times have you said this ??

I certainly have many times. Even if I love fashion, and I like to curate my wardrobe, I still feel like many times I don’t know what to wear. “This is too casual, this is too dressy, nothing match with this skirt, I don’t have the right shoes … bla bla bla”

I’m tired of this. If I had a billion pieces of clothing, always having the perfect outfit would be easier, but that is not how I do, for various reasons.

Well, today (drumroll please) .. I have decided I’m going to end this problem.

I looked into my wardrobe and I asked myself “What is not working here? How can I fix this?”


I decided to start from the foudations: what I already have. I opened the wardrobe and I’ve gone through all the pieces I have making sure I wasn’t having something that doesn’t fit me anymore or I don’t wear anymore, or doesn’t “sparks joy” (a bit of Marie Kondo there). I’m going to repeat this every season, since I usually store away clothes that are not appropriate for the current season.

Then I decided I was going to roughly write down a summary of what I have in my wardrobe, and the different occasions I usually need an outfit for, the colors that suit myself the most ..

This way I have a starting point to see if there is any gap to be filled (for example: “I’m missing black occasion wear shoes” or “I need to replace my black jumper” or “I could buy a denim skirt since it would go with all of my tops” and so on.

Looking at my wardrobe I realized a few things:

  • Point 1: I have too many colorful stuff and too little neutral colours. Because I have brown eyes and hair but fair skin, I feel like wearing something colorful bring a little light to my complexion. The truth is that I end up having nice things that sometimes don’t match together and I don’t have enough neutral items to complement the colorful ones.
  • Point 2: I have too many prints. I LOVE PRINTS, not all of them, but I think a good print can really make an outfit. Unfortunately you also need to pair them with something more neutral or at least a one color only item (see Point 1)
  • Point 3: My uniform is jeans and a t-shirt (or jumper) and I love shirts, but I lack of skirts and dresses. I love them, but I struggle to find ones that I really like. I love wearing jeans and a top, but it can be boring sometimes. I would like to find different pairs of trousers, or skirt, and maybe dresses.
  • Point 4: Most of the basics/neutral I have are black. When I’m not in the mood to wear color, I opt for black, but then again if I pair too often black with grey or blue jeans, it starts to be a bit repetitive and boring. Can you believe, I don’t have a dark blue, dark green, or dark brown or dark grey sweater ? And I love this colors. Not even to talk about skirts and dressed, where I don’t own many pieces at all.

So, I’m going to identify the essential items I’m lacking of in my wardrobe, and that would allow me to create better more functional outfits, and that would make possible for me to mix and match more my outfits.

My goal is not to buy a lot of stuff to fill up my wardrobe, but to learn to do more concious purchases, to not get carried away with “another version of something I already have”, to match better the items that I have, to spice up the my style trying something I like but I’ve never tried to wear, and to avoid buying items wrong for me or that can end up sitting in your wadrobe without being used. My mantra is going to be “If it’s not exactly what you need then don’t buy it!”.

So next thing I’m going to search for the missing items. This process is going to take some time, so if you want to see how this is going to go, keep updated for future posts !

Thanks for reading !

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