8 Tips for a Better Sleep

Recently I have read “The Distracted Mind”, a book that explains the impact of modern technology on our brains and life.

I already knew that using your phone in bed and keeping it close to you during sleep isn’t a good idea, but this book had so much more to say and it really has blown my mind away.

So I started paying more attention to my “nightime routine” and how does that affect my sleep. I have put together some tips for you to get a better night of sleep.


ABOUT YOUR TECHNOLOGY: Remove electronics from the bedroom and turn them off for at least one hour before bedtime. I know it’s tempting to check your emails or social media or play games before going to bed, but the blue-light can be detrimental to your sleep. If you are not able to give up electronics you could dim your smartphone or tablet brightness and position the device at least fourteen inches from your face.

PILLOW SPRAY: This is a very luxurious, non necessary thing, but it especially useful when travelling. Last year I did a bit of travelling for work, staying in different hotels, and if I’m really busy, it can be difficult for me to feel comfortable in a bed that is not mine. I find that having a pillow spray whihch has a familiar smell, can help.

LIGHT IN THE ROOM: Progressively reduce the light in the bedroom at least an hour or more before bedtime to allow maximal release of melatonin.

A GOOD BOOK: Ditch the phone (or computer) and embrace the book heaven ! Seriously, the biggest difference I see in my sleep happens the rare times I end up watching tv/scrolling on the phone and then going straight to bed because it’s late. So, I learned my lesson, if I want to watch some tv in the evening, I make sure I turn it off in time to be able to read a book and get some relaxed tech free time before falling asleep.

COMFY PAJAMA: This could sound obvious but, have you every really toughy about how an uncomfortable pajama make a difference ? I clearly see it comparing an old well used and loved pajama, and another one MUCH SOFTER I bought from Monki a couple of years ago. A softer pajama is more snuggly.


EAT A LIGHT DINNER: Eating a light dinner can help a lot with digestion, I think we all have experienced that.

FACE MASSAGE: When I have more time in the evening (and some energy left) I like to give my face a massage. After I have cleansed my skin well and applied my usual products, I take some face oil and gently massage it on my face with upward movements. Alternatively you can also do it with a cleansing oil or balm at the beginning of your skincare routine. The massage make me feel more relaxed and less stressed.

SOME STRETCHING: I’m prone to some back pain, depending on the season and how I’m sitted at the desk, and sometimes if I go to bed with tense muscles I can’t develop some muscle tangles overnight. So, some days I do a little stretching before going to bed. Nothing crazy, just five minutes, I just make sure I give a little stretch to my body, especially my back. To do this, lately I’ve also enjoyed using a foam roller (that I discovered during my pilates class). Basically it’s a tube with some raised points used to massage muscles. This helps me to give a good massage to my back.

Thanks for reading !

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