Favorite Clothing Stores and Buying Tips !

Hi everyone! I tought today I would discuss with you my buying tips and favorite clothing store, to continue the wardrobe editing journey I startes in my not so recent wardrobe editing post . Over the last years I’ve been learning to be very selective with what I put into my wardrobe and I think for every store I buy from there is always something that is a go to !


Asos: I think Asos was much better back in the days, or maybe it’s my style that has changed ! Anyway I still think that Asos is very good for finding little gems at affordable prices!! Also, I like to have a look on Asos for some of my favorite brands that they stock on their website: Warehouse, Free People, Monki, Weekday, Topshop, Glamorous, Selected Femme, &OtherStories, and Asos own brand ASOS Design.

Zalando: Zalando on the other hand I think has got so much better with time ! In my opinion It’s great for sportswear, underwear tops, dresses, and even stocks beauty now ! The great thing about Zalando, as for Asos, is that it stocks many different brands, which some of my favorites are: Weekday, All Saints, Sloggi, Free People, Levi’s, Mango, Adidas, Nike, Selected Femme.

Zara: I think Zara is perfect for finding nice dresses and affordable jeans. I occasionally buy also tops, shoes and bags. Their style has got better and better with years, in giving that designer feel at a lover price, although I definitely don’t like everything they sell!

Net a Porter: Onestly this is a place that I shop at during sales mainly. Prices are high because they retail luxury pieces, an amazing place were to find a special treat ! I’ve bought an Alienina robe bag from them last year. You can find a bit more “concept” pieces and I think the combination of brands they stock on their website is the best between all the luxury destination online shops.

&OtherStories: This is a great place for everything clothing in my opinion. It’s an amazing place where to find good quality knitwear ! I love their dresses too. Prices can be a little higher but they are worth it. I’m less keen on their jewelry and accessories.

Monki: From Monki I particularly love jeans. I find that the price is fair, they last a long time, preserving the shape and colour. Also, they do 100% cotton denim, which is better for the environment ! I also own from them various stripy long-sleeves tshirts of the same type, so soft and comfy !

Mango: Mango is another affordable brand that can gift some good surprises. I don’t find myself shopping from them as much as others brands but they have that sleek boho feeling that something hit the score.

Some other shop I would advice you to visit: Arket, Reformation, Realisation Par, Revolve, With Nothing Underneath, Notes du Nord, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, All Saints, Bik Bok, MyTheresa, Luisa Via Roma, Farfetch, Resumè, Samsoe Samsoe, Faithfull the Brand ..



The best way to save money and get what you need is to avoid buying what you don’t need or doesn’t go with your wardrobe. I’ve learned that is important to invest in good basics before splurging on that beautiful dresses that require a new shoe purchase because of the lenght-color-pattern-style or whatever. You need some structure in you purchases in order to get the best flexibility in your wardrobe. I usually write down the items I would like to hunt for every upcoming season, and that I think are key pieces missing in my wardrobe that would combine really well with clothes I already have.


Nowadays, there are sales going on pretty much always. My tip is to save things on my phone and keep reminders for when they go on sale, unless I definitely need them for a reason (event or something similar). I think you can really maximise what you can buy with the same amount of money if you keep in mind things until they go on sale especially if you are on a budget.


About this, I discovered, I would say about one year ago now, an app called Shoptagr. It’s basically a place where you can save items you like from different websites and have them all in one place so you can have a better overal idea. Shoptagr also does notify you when items go on sale or are low in stock. I find it really useful to remember everything I’ve seen that I like, what I prefer over something else if I need to choose, and also for having a little moodboard!


It has happened to me in the past, that I’ve bought some pieces I ended up almost never wearing because I had nothing to pair them with. I think I have eclectic tastes, so especially in the past I used to buy items that ended up not matching, which was frustrating and contributing to the “I’ve got nothing to wear” feeling. Now I learned to toughtfully think about an item when I’m deciding wether to buy it, and questions myself about, not only if I like it and I would wear it, but also if it would go along with my already existing wardrobe pieces.


When I invest in a piece, I want to make sure that, point one it’s something I’m going to get a lot of use out of, and point two, that is something I’m going to love and wear for a long time. Trendy pieces can be attractive, but when the trend is gone you might regret the purchase and at that point selling it can be difficult. If it’s a classic (even if it’s only classic for you) it will last in your wardrobe!

So I hope you have found something helpful in this post, and if you have some tips, drop them in the comments!

See you next time, thank you for reading

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