Bodycare Routine

Hi everyone!

Today I want to discuss with you bodycare. We like to take care of our face, but what about our body? It deserves some TLC as well! I have to confess I’ve always been a bit lazy about that, but, during the years I have become a lot better and I found a routine that works for me.


I really believe that physical exfoliation helps to keep my pores clean and my skin breathing. I usually apply it once or twice a week. At the moment I’m loving LUSH’s Cookie Dough, which was actually a Christmas edition, but I was using up other scrubs at the time. It really does smeel like cookies, with an amazing almond aroma. I prefer creamy body scrubs to solid ones, because I think the seconds can be a little harsh on my skin.


I LOVE LUSH’S BODY BALMS. The first time, I’ve tried their Scrubee, which is an adorable bee made with karitè, cacao butters and grounded almonds and coconut nuts for exfoliation, a favourite of mine. This year I’ve purchased a couple of their solid body lotion pots and fell in love with them. I found them very convenient since you can use them directly in the shower after cleansing, which makes the whole process much quicker and fuss free, and no sticky feeling wearing your clothes!

In the picture: Snowflake Naked Body Lotion and Egg Nog Naked Body Lotion (this one have amazing tiny spakles inside, which make your skin look glorious, that’s why I saved it for summer!)


Dry brushing for me was a big descovery. Basically you brush you body when it’s dry, with a specific brush made for it. I think that doing it before taking a shower it’s more convenient. It is supposed to work with your linfatic system helping it draining toxines out, and I believe it works. I always feel a slightly bit dizzy when I use it, which is funny. For me, anything that helps circulation and linfatic drainage is highly welcomed, since I have quiet bad circulation. I tend to easily feel tired and fatigued, and dry brushing helps me get some energy back.


Although I love physical exfoliantion I also have some scars, especially on my back, and I think that a chemical exfoliant could really help in this case to uniform the complexion and renew my skin. I am cuttenly using, once a week, The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Tonig Solution, although it’s not my favorite, I wouldn’t recommend it, and I will choose, next time, something specifically designed for the body like the REN AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum, which I’m dying to try out.


I’m always interest in trying new body moisturizers, expeciallt balms, which can be very good as strong hand creams (I’ve got very delicate skin on my hands), and for all those areas on your body that require some more love, like elbows and heels.

Currently I’m trying out the Truly Coco Rose Fudge Whipped Body Butter, and despite my initial disappointment is such a small jar (120 ml), I have to says a little bit goes a very very very long way, you just need to warm it up and spread it really well. It has a very intense roses perfume, so if that is not right up your street, you might want to avoid this one.

Another product I really love, and that is actually an all purpose balm is the Nutri-Recharging Skin Saviour Balm by Lumene, you could even use it on your lips and face.

On top of this don’t remember to wear your SPF when in the sunshine!

I hope you found this interesting, thanks for reading! See you next time


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