April + May 2020 Books

Hi guys !

Long time no see on the book front. Unfortunately with all the quarantine caos, in April in haven’t read too much, because I couldn’t find the concentration and calm to sit down with a book and immerse in it. So I only read one book that month. But in the beginning of May I went back to my usual rythm as things here in Italy started to get a bit better.

So, enough rambling, let’s get to the books!


The only book I read in April, was one that I had on my “to read” shelf for quite a bit of time (I think about 3-4 years), Wu Ming‘s 54. To be honest the day in which I bought this book, I was mainly drawn to it by the cover, which picture Cary Grant (I am a big fan) and the I noticed that it was by Wu Ming, a collective of writers I previously heard about. The book tells about diffent protagonists’s stories, which cross each other’s paths, an are settled in 1954 in different cities, mainly in Italy, but also in the US and eastern Europe. I’m not really sure what I was expecting from this book when I picked it up to read, but I definitely developed mixed feelings. I think the writing is really good in this book, the storytelling is well done, but I struggled to find a “real meening” for this book. I struggled to find an underling message .. maybe I was just too sleepy when I was reading it LOL. I gave it three stars on Goodreads.


The first book I finished in May was “The Handmaid’s tale” by Margaret Atwood. This book has been a little bit put back under the spotlight because last year came out “The Testaments” which is its sequel. I gave this three starts on Goodreads. I think I wanted something more from this book, maybe I was expecting too much seeing how famous it is, but in towards half of it I started to appreciate it more. I was especially interested in the issues raised throughout the book (it basically revolves around a society were women have lost their freedom and lives are scheduled and decided by others). I will definitely consider reading the sequel (I’m also really curious to know what happened next, since the end leaves you questioning, “and then?”)

The second book I read was “Career of Evil” by Robert Galbraith (aka J K Rowling). I was a bit disappointed by this book. Summarizing it I found it a bit too much filled with violence and cruelty, but it might just be me being very sensitive. I really liked the first book in this crime serie, and I was a bit skeptical about the second one. This was my least favourite between the three. I anyway still liked the construction of the story involving the relationship between the detective and his colleague. And because of this although I’m doubting about reading the forth book in the serie, I think that I will in the end because I want to know how their relationship progresses.

Third and last book for the month of May was by Brenè Brown. What can I say, you can never go wrong with Brenè’s books! In “Braving the Wilderness, she talk about dishumanization, standing with our values, facing confrontation, vulnerability and braving the wilderness and many other topics. I always find her books like a therapy session: they might not be easy at times but they are always unwinding and releasing for you bad feelings and they always teach you something useful in real life. I usually underline the parts that speak to me the most and sometimes I flick through them to get back some concepts.

What have YOU being reading recently? Leave it in the comments!

That’s all from me for today. Thank you for reading!

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